Available exposure data

We can provide access to a wide variety of environmental (exposure) data. The list of currently available variables can be found below, and will be extended and refined with help of our GECCO geographers in the upcoming years.


Please download read the GECCO data access and publication policy first, and then send us the completed GECCO Data Access Request Form to gecco@vumc.nl. 







 Air pollution

Address, PC6


Institute of Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS)

European Study of Cohort for Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE)


Annual average outdoor air pollution concentrations

(e.g., NO2, NOx, PM2.5, PM10, PM2.5 absorbance)

Airport noise Schiphol 2016*

 Address, PC6


(measurement nov. 2015-nov. 2016)


Ministerie IenW

Separate data available for day and night (noise in Lden)

Basisregistratie Adressen

en Gebouwen (BAG)*

Address, PC6




Vector dataset with houses, addresses and attribute data

on utilization functions, construction year and area.


Altitude (AHN)*

Address, PC6


Ca. 2000 (AHN 1)

Ca. 2010 (AHN 2)

Ca. 2018 (AHN 3)

Cooperation of provinces, central government and water boards

The altitude map of the Netherlands is a raster product available on different horizontal scale levels  ranging from  25 meter resolution (AHN 1) to 50 cm resolution (AHN 3)


Land use*

Address, PC6


1996, 2000, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Classification in 9 main land use classes and ca. 40 subclasses. Land use data also exists for 1989, 1993, 2003 and 2006. These datasets can be requested at CBS.


Railway noise 2016*

Address, PC6


Ministerie IenW

Data only available for ‘hoofdspoornet’ (main railway system)

for day and night (noise in Lden)


Sport accommodations

Address, PC6


(data collection period)

Mulier Instituut

Point data on type and location of sport accommodations.


Topography (TOP10 NL)*

Address, PC6


2003, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015


Vektor data (points, lines, polygons) regarding road and water infrastructure, terrain features, built-up area, etc.


Topography – large scale

(Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie - BGT)*

Address, PC6




Vector dataset with detailed topographic features, such as sidewalks, parking places, tree locations, street furniture, etc.


Traffic noise at

address level


Address, PC6

2008 and 2011

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Data on traffic noise (road, rail and air traffic noise in dB). Road noise for 2008 and 2011, Rail and air noise only for  2008.


Traffic noise

national roads*   

(high ways)

  Address, PC6

2006, 2011 and 2016


Separate data available for day and night (noise in Lden).


Key statistical figures


2004, 2010

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Data on key figures (e.g., demographics, income, immigrants, housing stock)


Socio-economic status



Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Data on socio-economic status

(e.g., high/low incomes, benefits)


Key statistical figures*

PC6 / 100x100 m.
(‘CBS vierkant-statistieken’)

2000 -2017

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

The CBS dataset vierkantstatistieken contains basic statistics on number of inhabitants, dwellings, residential density and urbanity for all years and additional statistics from 2011 onwards




1998 -2003, 2005

ABF Research (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Data on accessibility (e.g., number of jobs and green

spaces that can be reached via the road or by train within

a certain time (15, 30,45,60 minutes)


Accessibility  of  population households



ABF Research (Real Estate Monitor 2015)

Data on accessibility of population and households

(e.g., number of individuals and households that can be reached  by  bike or by  car  within  a  certain  time  (15, 30,45,60 minutes)


Childcare facilities


2011 -2015

National Childcare and Playgroup Register (Real Estate Monitor 2015)

Data on a range of childcare facilities (e.g., number of KDV’s, BSO’s and playgroups)


Cultural facilities


2001 -2015

Museum Association (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007) Netherlands Theatre Institute (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Dutch Federation for Cinematography (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Adresdata / ABF Research (Real Estate Monitor 2015)


Data on a range of cultural facilities (e.g.,  number   of   museums, theatres, poppodia  and cinema’s)

Educational facilities


1996 -2007

Centrale Financiën Instellingen (CFI) (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Data on educational facilities (e.g., number of educational  facilities  and number  of students stratified for educational level, sex, and age)


Health care facilities



Vestigingen en bedden in de zorg (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Data on health care facilities

(e.g., number of several specific health care facilities)


Housing benefits


1998 -2006

Belastingdienst (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Data on housing benefits (e.g.,   data on recipients  and   height/sum   of   housing benefits)


Housing stock


1998 -2007

ABF Research (SYSWOV 2007)

Data on housing stock. (e.g.,  number  of owner-occupied  and  rental  housing, social rent, and housing stock stratified for house type)




2009, 2012

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Data on income (e.g., disposable income, capital and households in PC4 areas)


Key statistical figures*


1998 -2017

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Data on key figures (sex and age of inhabitants,  household composition, % immigrants) with additional statistics from 2015 onwards


Land use


1996 -2003

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Data on land use (e.g.,  hectares/percentages  of  urban/rural  land  use, green  spaces,  forests,  parks  traffic,  public  facilities, recreational areas, etc)




1998, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012

Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Data on livability (Livability   scores   are   based   on   population,   social cohesion, public space, safety, level of resources, and housing)


Living environment typology


2006, 2015

ABF Research (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)
Strabo – Bureau voor Ruimtelijk Marktonderzoek (Real Estate Monitor 2015)


Data on area types (e.g., center - urban, outside center, green-urban)

Offices, retail, and businesses


1990 -2014

VROM – DG Ruimte/IBIS (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)
Strabo  –  Bureau  voor  Ruimtelijk  Marktonderzoek  (SWING  Vastgoedmonitor 2007)


Data on offices, retail, and businesses

(e.g.,  number  of  leased  and  owned  properties  and price/m2)


Population and Households


1998 -2014

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Data on population and households (e.g., number of men and women stratified for age, number of households stratified for type, and information on immigrants)


Post offices



Postkantoren B.V. (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Data on post offices (e.g., number of post offices (per 10000 residents))


Primary education


2001 - 2015

The Education Executive Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (Real Estate Monitor 2015)

Data on facilities regarding  primary education. (e.g.,  number  of  schools  and  number/percentage  of pupils stratified for age and sex)


Retail outlets*


2001 -2017

Locatus (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)

Data on retail outlets (e.g., number of retail outlets stratified for sector)


Secondary education


2005 -2015

The Education Executive Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (Real Estate Monitor 2015)

Data on facilities regarding secondary education.

(e.g., number of schools,  and number/percentage of

students stratified for sex, age, and educational level)


Socio-economic status scores


1998, 2002, 2006

The Netherlands Institute of Social Research

Socio-economic status scores (Socio-economic   scores   are   based   on:  education, income and position in the labor market)


Special education


2004 - 2015

The Education Executive Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (Real Estate Monitor 2015)

Data on facilities regarding special education.

(e.g., number of schools,  and number/percentage of students stratified for sex


Sport accommodations

Sport associations

Sport facilities



2001 -2007, 2010 -2015

Royal Dutch Athletics Federation (Real Estate Monitor 2015) Voetbalgids.com (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
Skibanen in Nederland (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
Royal Dutch skating Association (Real Estate Monitor 2015) ZwembadGids (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
Royal Dutch Korfball Union (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Federation (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
Dutch Rugby Association (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
Voetbalgids.com (Real Estate Monitor 2015)
BSvL – Nederlandse Sport Almanak (NSA) (SWING Vastgoedmonitor 2007)


Data on sport accommodations, sport associations, and sport facilities (e.g., number of specific sport accommodations, sport associations and sport facilities).


Transactions and average house prices



2000 -2015


Kadaster (Real Estate Monitor 2015)


Data on transactions and average house prices

(e.g., number of transactions stratified for house type, and average house price stratified for house type)


Travel time



Object Vision B.V.


Data on travel time between all PC4 areas


Neighbourhood characteristics*



1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 -2014


Statistics Netherlands (CBS)


Data on neighbourhood characteristics

(e.g., data on urbanization, population, living, energy consumption, education, labor, income, social security, businesses, motor vehicles, area, land use, average distance to specific facilities, and average number of specific facilities within a radius around occupied addresses in a neighbourhood).

We have also neighborhood maps of 1988, 1993 and 1994, but these lack statistical data.

a) Terms and conditions may apply via the original source holders.