Geoscience and health cohort consortium (GECCO)

Enabling research on environmental determinants of behaviours and health

GECCO is a Dutch infrastructure to support researchers to study the relation between environmental characteristics and health. Learn how you can get [free] access to a wide variety of environmental data to use for your research.


We are continuously expanding and improving the list of available environmental variables, and we use these data to enrich 25+ renowned and on-going large-scale Dutch cohorts.

This has already enabled many studies to examine the (longitudinal) relation between environmental exposures and individual-level behaviours and health outcomes.


GECCO is coordinated by Jeroen Lakerveld from the Amsterdam UMC, and governed by a steering group with representatives of the GECCO-affiliated institutes. It formally started in November 2018 and is funded by NWO-ZonMw.

Current GECCO partners and cohorts


The Figure above depicts the various institutes and cohorts that are currently represented in GECCO. A Table with more information of the cohorts can be found here. More information about the consortium can be found here.